“Time is more valuable than money.
You can get more money,
but you cannot get more time.”


“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

Best Painting Services in Hyderabad

Professional Painting Services In Hyderabad

The paints you apply on your walls and how you mix and match paints, gives your home a character of its own.

And, the character of your home is stems from the personalities of the people living under the same roof.

Painting your home, the right way, brings about a sense of balance or poise to your home.

Just as you are conscious about how different parts of your attire match, it is necessary to ensure different elements in your home complement one another during the painting process and even after the paint job.

Benefits of Hiring Our Painting Contractor in Hyderabad:

Your home will have an overall balance when different elements in your home – the sofas, curtains, colour of your floors, furniture, lighting etc., – complement instead of clash against one another.

When there is a balance in the use of colours, you really feel at home.

Then you can say with pride that your home is a soulful place where you find solace and peace – your sanctuary.

108 Acres – Give a new look to wall with textures design

108 ACres, one of the leading paint companies having a team of many painting contractors and painters in Hyderabad is essentially in the business of creating soulful spaces with their professional painting service.

That is why our house painting experts are not just content with painting your home with an assortment of colors.

If you give us a chance for a free site visit then, our color consultant and wall painters will sit with you to understand the people living in your home. And suggest the colors with which they will feel at home.

Our wall painting service professionals will then do their best to translate into reality the story you want to tell through your home.

How 108 ACres Painting Service in Hyderabad Works

Home renovation painting work can significantly transform the look and feel of your space

  • Our painting work professional’s mission and focus is on making your home beautiful and soulful – not just painting.
  • With each residential painting project we take on, the painter will visualize how your dream house will look like with your chosen colors via free site visit.
  • Each of our expert painters deliver a superior finish while they paint your home and our professional painting contractor maintains the color consultancy to create color schemes that match your personality and other elements in your home.
  • You will fall in love with the freshly painted walls when our painters in Chennai blend them seamlessly with your home interiors.
  • With every painting work project, our painter takes steps to protect your valuable possessions and unpainted areas by covering or masking them.
  • Our team of professional painters in Chennai paint each wall with utmost care, using high quality painting materials to do a good job.
  • We have the best team of highly skilled and experienced painters in Chennai that paints every nook and corner of your home with all their heart.
  • When you hire a house painting service from us, you get to choose the best painting contractors in Chennai that paints your house like their own.
  • Our professional painter will organise a thorough and free cleaning of your home after the painting job is done.
  • Our painting contractors in Chennai will keep you informed about the next steps and clean the premises before leaving daily.
  • Our Chennai painters make sure to do the painting job according to customer’s convenience and finish the project within the promised time.
  • With every painting service project, our professionals make sure to give your home a minimalist, clutter-free and elegant look.

108 Painting Service In Chennai Service Offering

Expert Home Inspection :

When users book a home painting inspection, expert house painters and a painting consultant visit the home and carefully review painting needs. With the help of advanced laser mapping, the inspection expert will carefully look at the paint requirements, explain the detailed process to the clients, and answer any queries patiently.

Interior Painting in Chennai :

Interior painting is essential to every beautiful home design and decor. NoBroker interior painters have excellent skills in planning and executing interior painting of any property size. Interior painting suppliers analyse the need to move furniture and smoothly plan the entire interior painting process. The team procures only the best painting materials that can withstand weather conditions.

Rent and Cheap Painting in Chennai :

People who stay in Chennai no longer have to worry about the expensive cost of painting! 108 ACres offers a range of single and double-coat low-cost paint schemes specifically designed for rental homes. We are the most trusted rental house painting service that guarantees fast and hassle-free execution.

The best deal and expert planning :

OHO BUILD guarantees the best value for residential interior painters and exterior painting services. Painting consultants offer full inspection transparency and present a price quote that aligns with the client's budget. We will appoint a dedicated painting manager to liaise between the property owners and our team of top house painters in Chennai. The expert will advise which colours to use, which combinations of shades are suitable for the room, and procure the best quality material.

Exterior Painting in Chennai :

NoBroker offers the best exterior painters in Chennai who have expertise in everything from residential to exterior and understand the challenges of outdoor walls. The experienced labour follows a strict schedule under the guidance of expert paint supervisors to ensure no smooth execution of the project.

Festival Painting :

Everyone wants their house to look beautiful during the holidays, and interior painting is one of the best ways to decorate a home. 108 ACres home painters in Hyderabad offer comprehensive festive painting plans that can be tailored to the client's budget and requirements. Whether you're looking for a cost-effective makeover or fancy painting beautification, OHO BUILD is here to put a smile on your face this holiday season.

Remember to prioritize safety by following proper ventilation, using appropriate protective gear, and handling paint and related products according to safety guidelines. Proper planning, preparation, and attention to detail will ensure a successful home renovation painting project.

Our Professional Painters' Approach To Painting:

                                                                                  Painting your home is like gifting your home a new garment.

With all the painting projects we work on, the colors you choose, mix and match in the process of getting your home painted is a way of expressing yourself. By hiring professional painters, we enable our customers to feel truly at home – in harmony with your nature. Your home thus becomes your personal statement.

Therefore, our focus goes beyond just offering a painting service. We believe that every paint job we get is an opportunity to partner with you in making your homes look beautiful and inspiring.

That is why a Chennai painting expert on color harmony will help in choosing the color scheme for your home or office keeping in mind its wall texture, interior and exteriors. This could be instrumental in transforming your spaces into a place you would love to live in.

So, we could suggest carefully chosen works of art to embellish the walls with telling effect. And recommend appropriate lighting and curtains to enhance the colors adorning your wall.

Request a free site visit to get in touch with our highly skilled Chennai painters!

How Our Professional Painting Contractor Can Perform Top Quality Painting Work?
In the process of texture painting, we make your living spaces beautiful. We create an enabling atmosphere with our on-time completion of painting projects and deliver excellent service to each of our customers. Our team of professional painters in Chennai come up with simple, affordable and innovative ideas to introduce elements you would be proud to flaunt.

The house painting possibilities are as vast as your imagination. An inviting kitchen coated with bright and pleasant colors, a kid’s room oozing in creativity, bedrooms steeped in elegance, a hall that suggests opulence…. Or you prefer to experiment with a monochrome concept using different hues of one royal color. Or, go classic with uniform milk white, class written all over the walls. Our professional painters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu can work on every project with ease.

At 108 ACres, our home painters use highly recommended and the latest painting techniques to create interesting visual textures. Kitchen, dining hall, drawing room, bed room and children’s room can be painted using interesting themes and colors depending upon your wish and home interior.

So, put on your imagination hat and think about the latest color palette to unleash into your home the right energies and feel-great factor. Our professional house painters will share their expertise and work with all their heart to make you feel extremely proud of your home .

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your queries about home interior design by OHO BUILD

We offer all types of Renovation services, which includes Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, Full Home Renovation, Tiling work, Brick Work, Fabrication work, Seepage work, Roofing, Area extension, Build Extra Room, Addition of Floor.

The cost of kitchen renovation varies depending on the scope of the project & the design requirements. At OHO BUILD, we provide customized design solutions to meet your budget and design preferences.

At 108 Acres, we follow a step-by-step process that includes consultation, site measurement, conceptual design and installation. Our designers work closely with you to understand your design preferences and deliver a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

108 Acres takes quality seriously, hence we use only certified materials with well known brands in the market and provide quality workmanship.

Yes we provide Free site Inspection for all our customers, our experienced site engineers will inspect and take the measurements.

We happily accept project values starting from Min of Rs. 10,000 (Ten Thousand).

Yes, we have a well experienced In house project team of Site Engineers and Project Managers who will handle and monitor your project right from start to end.

We have very simple payment terms for our customers.

  • 10% – Booking advance
  • 40% – Vendor finalisation
  • 30% – on 40% of Work completed
  • 15% – on 80% of work completed
  • 5% – on 90% of work completed

Yes, we offer a 6 months warranty on all the Renovation services.

We offer 100% Refund on Booking advance within 48hrs from the date of payment. Refunds will not be issued post Vendor Finalisation.